How Cars Get Their Names

The name of a product is one if its most important features. It can suggest ideas within the minds of consumers and be hugely influential in giving an impression of the business. More »

Fiat 500L Preview

The Fiat 500 is the company’s bestselling auto worldwide and understandably so, it’s a great car after all. More »

The best way to hire cheap car rentals

When looking for affordable car rental, many individuals choose to book holiday or business car hire in advance. More »

About car rentals

The business of car rentals is quite profitable and even nowadays it has several different types. In simple words car rental is defined as a vehicle that is rent out by an individual temporally for a fee. More »


The Most Iconic Movie Mustangs

Gone in 60 seconds might be a good way to describe this icon of American supercars. But this car is not only good in burning rubber it could also burn the pockets of movie goers. Actors are chosen because of their talents and good looks. The Mustang has been gotten its fair share of Hollywood’s

Most Dangerous Road Cars Ever Built

“Safety is often a major concern when it comes to cars nowadays, but this clearly hasn’t always been the truth. There have been some cars with the absolutely appalling safety record, cars that have been basically deathtraps. This is a look at a handful of them. 1. Ford Pinto The Pinto is a superb and

Customizing Your Truck To Make It Your Own

“A lot of people call it “tricking your truck”, but all it indicates is customizing your pickup to suit your needs and personality. This could take the form of adding such simple things like a trailer hitch or perhaps a bed liner. These aren’t really all of that “tricky”, but they do make your truck

Can a supercar be as practical as an SUV? Learn here why the answer is YES

“The hot rod is a vehicle made for a large engine capacity, similar to modern supercars. Both of these vehicles seem out of the reach for the ordinary man, but a sports utility vehicle or a high-performance car might be suitable, such as the ones at Alhambra Nissan. They aren’t supercars, however they can still

The Ultimate Used Car Buyers Guide

Image Source If you’re trying to save some money this year, buying a used car could well be a viable option. Most new models lose around 40% of their value the second you drive them off the forecourt, so if you’re on a tight budget, your money would definitely be better spent by picking up

The BMW Transport Accessories: BMW x5 Roof Rack

It is time to install the ultimate accessories to your BMW X5 cars. The roof rack is the absolute accessory that eases the transportation needs. It gives the BMW versatility to fit the desired lifestyle. Be it leisure, work, holidays or so, finding a practical and trendy for every luggage need. There are arrays of

The Best Foreign Cars They Don’t Sell in America

It’s a global economy thanks to the internet and worldwide shipping access, but that doesn’t mean every car or product that gets developed is sold all over. There are some great cars out there that the powers that be are withholding from the American market. That doesn’t mean we can’t look at them or think

Scrapping a Car – Why You Should Think About Scrapping Your Old Car If It’s in Your Way!

Many people battle with the decision of getting rid of their old car. This is the reason why you will see old, worn out cars on many garages. The truth is that most people get attached to cars and never know when to let go of the car. A car can stay parked in the

5 Things You Wish You Knew Before a Car Accident


When you take out an insurance deal the advice is to always check the small print to see what is not covered, but many of us simply leave it to chance and hope that they won’t need to make a claim anyway. Here are 5 things that you certainly wish you knew before a car

Top 4 Reasons to buy a personalized number plate online

A large array of cars and different automobiles are available in market now. Hence, the importance of number plates is not just limited to get attention from the traffic they serve as an identifying mark also if you are involved into an accident or in the cases of car theft. In addition, such number plates